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  • 6. Buying Tickets
    We recommend all guests to buy tickets in advance on our website. Please select the time slot you'd like to attend. Be aware that we only allow 12 people in per time slot.
  • 2. What days will the haunt be open in October?
    We are open Fridays through Sunday in September and October. Friday from 5PM - 10PM Saturday from 11AM - 10PM Sunday from 11AM - 8PM Columbus Day from 11AM - 8PM
  • 13. Does Ravenwood offer any parking?
    Sadly no, we do not have any parking available at our venue. We're located right in the heart of downtown Salem and parking comes at a premium in this area. There are several paid lots in the city and we strongly recommended setting up your travel arrangements well in advance. The city gets VERY busy and we can not offer any refunds for guests who were unable to make their scheduled entry. Check for parking and travel recommendations.
  • 12. Do you offer group discounts?
    Yes! For groups of 10 or more = $3 off per ticket For groups of 20 or more = $4 off per ticket For groups of 50 or above please contact us at
  • 1. Where is the Ravenwood Haunted House located?
    The Ravenwood Haunted House is located at 50 Washington St. Salem, MA 01970. The building is the Tabernacle church, our entrance is on the left side at the end of the walkway leading to the adjacent building that is part of the church. We are not associated with the church itself.
  • 10. Can we take pictures?
    We do not allow pictures or video of any kind to be taken within our haunt.
  • 7. I bought tickets but didn't get a confirmation?
    Please check your spam and junk mail folders. If you still didn't receive the confirmation you can check in with your name and valid ID.
  • 16. Do I have to wait in line if I purchased tickets?
    There will be two lines available. If you have purchased your tickets in advance there will be an "online order" line. If you are purchasing your tickets on site you will see a separate line to buy tickets.
  • 11. Is the haunt indoors?
    Yes out haunt is located indoors and covers a large part of our building.
  • 17. Are you open if it rains?
    Yes! As our haunt is located indoors we will not close for inclement weather. IF we had to close or cancel time slots for other reasons you can follow our Facebook page for those updates.
  • 14. Are the haunt and seance connected?
    We have 3 different events going on in our building during the Halloween season. Listed below: The Salem Haunted Magic Show - The Nevermore Seance - The Ravenwood Haunted House - The Ravenwood Haunted House and Nevermore Seance are both Edgar Allan Poe themed. But they are not connected in any way other than they are in the same building. One ticket to the haunt does not allow entry to the seance and vice versa. We do offer discounts on bundles for booking multiple events. You'll see these offers when you go through the booking process for any of the events.
  • 18. Can you go through the haunt a second time?
    If you would like to go through the haunt a 2nd time. Please order our VIP ticket. Please note: the VIP ticket allows you to enter the haunt at your scheduled time slot. For your second entry please go back to your original line of entry. You will be allowed in a 2nd time but we cannot push you ahead of customers who are waiting to enter during their scheduled time.
  • 9. Are there pets allowed?
    We allow support animals into the building however we strongly advise not bringing a pet into the haunt itself.
  • 5. How long is the haunt itself?
    It will take roughly 8-10 minutes to go through the haunt. We do not allow running, pushing or rushing of any kind in the haunt. Staff will be onsite both inside and outside of the haunt.
  • 4. Can I go in the haunt if I am pregnant or am prone to seizures?
    We strongly urge anyone who is pregnant, prone to seizures or has any physical limitations that would make it difficult to maneuver through the haunt to not enter.
  • 15. Can I exchange my tickets for another time slot?
    Yes we do allow changes for different time slots. However this is only available based on the availability in the slot you're looking to move into. We cannot guarantee availability for other time slots so please book your tickets with this in mind.
  • 8. Are you wheelchair accessible?
    At this time our haunt is not wheelchair accessible and those with mobility restrictions should not attend the haunt. There are several stairs getting in and out of the haunt. Along with some tight spaces, extreme darkness and changes in elevation in the haunt.
  • 3. Is there an age limit?
    Technically no there is no age limit. However, we encourage all guests to be at least 10 years old. We do not like scaring little kids and this haunt is not the best choice for kids under 10-12 years old. Use your best judgment when entering the haunt. Additionally, there will be visuals of blood, gore, scares and characters that may frighten children. Please note: There are no refunds given.
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