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The Salem Haunted Magic Show began in 2011 with its debut performances at the Hawthorne Hotel. At that time we only presented about 17 shows across the whole month of October. Now 7 years later, we do a minimum of 48 performances and open our show in September, ending in November. We've always been a small operation, mostly family and close friends work with us to make each year's production something different and special. 

Every year we design a completely new show! In 2017 we focused on phobias and the things that scare us the most. In 2016, our direction was to highlight the bizarre and often scary history around mental asylums. Each time, we construct our show, we intentionally craft in messages and lessons about the subject at hand. In 2014 we did an entire show just on the negatives and manipulative techniques of fraudulent psychic mediums. We demonstrate various techniques and routines that give the audience a first-hand look at sometimes ancient techniques that people still use today to con and scam innocent people. 

No matter when you come to our show you will always see new and interesting material focused around one particular theme. In fact, you could see our show in 2018 on Friday and come back Saturday and see a totally different show! That's not because we change material, far from it. Our shows have always been highly interactive and we thrive on getting audience members involved in the show. 

Salem Haunted Happenings & The Salem Haunted Magic Show
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Salem Haunted Happenings & The Salem Haunted Magic Show
"blood sacrifice"