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A collection of dark & dastardly tricks to amaze, amuse and gross out your friends!

Salem Screams presents

Razor Blade Magic!

Razor Blade Magic!



Are you tired of the same old dull magic? Are you looking for a DVD that's a cut above the rest? Maybe you're just looking to sharpen your skills. Join Nicholas Byrd and James Coats as they teach you the sharpest form of magic known to man, Razor Blade Magic! This DVD will show you, step-by-step, how to safely manipulate razor blades to give your routine the edge it needs. 

Effects Included: 

Bloody Mary Monte 
Death by Chocolate....Milk 
Cups and Blades 
Razor Blade to Bottle 
Eating Razor Blades 
Razor Blade Manipulations 
and much much more! 

WARNING: The stunts performed in this DVD are graphic and are intended for entertainment only! Use caution when performing them!

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