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A collection of dark & dastardly tricks to amaze, amuse and gross out your friends!

Salem Screams presents

Arm Ratchet Bone Snapper!

Arm Ratchet Bone Snapper!



RosenGadgets and Magic Wagon proudly bring you the Arm Ratchet / Bone Snapper gimmick with vanishing "pull device."

Creates the sounds of snapping bones by a simple spin of the wheel and also allows you to end up completely clean with nothing in your hands.

Thousands of uses possible! 

  • Use as a comedy Arm Ratcheting Device for your spectators 
  • Creates the sounds of Snapping Bones to get priceless audience reactions 
  • Simulate winding your spectator's ear like winding a watch or use as a Comedy Watch Winder 
  • Great to use with other Limb Bending Effects currently on the market

Plus, the attached pull device allows you to end up completely clean with absolutely nothing in your hands. A great affordable utility device for every magician

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