5 Tips To For Navigating Salem, MA as a Newbie!

Updated: Apr 16, 2018


So you’ve come to Salem and you’re wondering where should I go? What should we do first? Is this attraction worth my time and money? There are so many things to do in Salem during the busy season (August through November 1st) it’s hard to even make a good list on what to do, and perhaps even more importantly.. what to avoid!

One thing you absolutely want to avoid is Anywhere that is not designated as commercial tour areas. This means please avoid going into neighborhoods where Salem’s 43 thousand + residents live. Locals in Salem are usually very welcoming and very familiar with the seasons festivities. Please respect their privacy, their neighborhoods and their property. A lot of Salem residents live in historical homes, some of which have significant pasts and stories connected to them. The majority of these buildings are private homes. Please respect that.

You want to make sure you stay within the mapped areas during the Haunted Happenings festivities. These include Essex, Washington, Lynde, Bridge, Derby and Summer Streets. Along with Hawthorne Blvd and Pickering Wharf. These locations are populated with restaurants, hotels, and more attractions than you’ll know what do with.


It’s difficult to go to Salem, especially as a first timer and not check out our famous landmarks. These