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Frequently Asked COVID-19 Questions

1. NO we do not require Negative

COVID-19 tests to attend our show. 

Event with attendees numbering over 100 at a single time DO require a negative test. Our shows do not exceed 100 audience members at each show. 

2. Masks are required in our theater regardless of vaccination status. This mandate is from the Salem Board of Health and is required. 

The current mandate from the Salem Board of Health regarding negative testing applies to large-scale events of more than 100 people where guests are expected to mingle (e.g. parties and dance events). It does Not apply to seated events where guests are expected to remain in one spot for the duration of the event. This mandate therefore does not apply to The Salem Haunted Magic Show, and we have no plans to require negative COVID tests for entry at this time. However, in the interests of  keeping our guests as safe as possible, we have taken the additional precaution this year of reducing our capacity  to 100 guests per show. In keeping with the city mandate, all guests will be required to wear masks at all times while in our venue. We do Not require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test for entry. However, masks are still required inside for ALL indoor events, regardless of vaccination status.

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